Smoking cigarettes is totally not recommended and no doubt a bad habit. Today, we would like to give you some good and solid reasons to quit it. We can tell you about some chemicals in cigarettes that are very injurious to your health. We would like to share Insider Monkey’s article with you which has a list of seven chemicals in cigarettes that cause cancer. So, let’s take a look at Insider Monkey’s list to find out about these dangerous chemicals.

If you have ever wondered which substances in cigarettes are cancerogenic, read our list of the 7 Chemicals in Cigarettes That Cause Cancer where you will find chemicals such as benzene, aldehyde and other toxic substances. Scientific evidence which prove that smoking cigarettes causes different types of cancer has been accumulating over the years.

 Around 1 billion people in the world smoke and almost half of them die as a direct result of smoking. Nicotine addiction causes many diseases, including different types of cancer, among which lung cancer is the most prevalent. To read more, please visit 7 Chemicals in Cigarettes That Cause Cancer.