Cigarette is probably the most accepted addicting substance. Some countries even have strict laws regarding alcohol consumption, but there seems to be no law preventing smoking, at the best there is an age restriction. The chemical that causes “addiction” is nicotine, which is consumed by burning the tobacco in the cigarette, however alongside this nicotine, when the burning takes place, another four thousand or so chemicals also are produced and consumed along with the nicotine. Basically burning is a chemical reaction, when chemicals react rather violently, heat is generated and this is the burning process. As I was saying, while a smoker consumes the nicotine, he/she also consumes thousands of other chemicals along with it, resulting in a very hazardous mixture that goes down the throat of the consumer. And even though we all know how dangerous it is to smoke cigarettes, but yet smokers just cannot seem to get over it, I myself am a smoker and I have been trying to quit for a long time now, needless to say I have not gotten anywhere yet. So, at insider money we decided we should give some more specific reasons to cigarette consumers to quit smoking in the form of 7 Chemicals in Cigarettes That Cause Cancer.

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