7 Chemicals in Cigarettes That Cause Heart Disease


I would like to open this article by stating that smoking is a very nasty habit to pick up. There is absolutely no positive side to this killer addiction. And I do not use the adjective “Killer” in a positive sense. It literally kills you, slowly but surely. There are a numerous health issues that a smoker will eventually encounter, and keeping up with the habit of smoking is rather expensive as well. I am a chain smoker myself, and I regret the fact every single day. If you are willing to quit, then the article that I am about the hyperlink here will definitely provide you with some motivation. So, I highly recommend that you read the full article. Nicotine is the chemical that is responsible for the addiction, we all are aware of that. However, burning is a chemical reaction. And when you burn a cigarette, approximately four thousand chemicals are produced as a byproduct in the process. Which means, you are inhaling a lot more than nicotine while you are smoking. And some chemicals are extremely hazardous to you and those around you.

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