I wish to start everything on the right foot here, we are aware that smoking is a very bad habit, and we do not in any way wish to promote smoking. You can find a lot of articles on insider monkey’s blog page, where we have bashed the heck out of this bad habit. However, if you already happen to be a smoker to being with then you probably would like to know what we have to say. Well, in most cases, smokers stick to cigarettes rather than cigars. The reason is quite obvious of course, the price difference between a cigarette and a cigar is phenomenal. Of course the brand of choice has to be considered here as well. That being said, cigars largely remains as a celebratory thing that smokers go to for special occasions, as a matter of fact, many nonsmokers would not mind lighting one up if the occasion is right. Today we want to talk about the countries that produce the best cigars money can buy. You probably have a rough idea about it already, but to confirm whether your guess is right or wrong you need to read the full article.

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