Movies have been the ultimate entertainment for the masses ever since the invention of movie cameras and projectors. From the early days of silent films to this day dominated by CGI, movies are just an amazing source of entertainment for all ages. And it is only logical that our researchers would explore this form of art to find out and crown the best of the best in this industry. Pretty much every country in the world has its own movie industry. However, there are not many which appeal to a global audience. Of course language barrier is a major issue here, but a well-made film can surpass that easily. As you will find out as you continue reading this article. Now that being said, you can probably guess which country is currently at the top of the list, so no surprises there, but besides that, if you are movie nerd, then you might want to know about other countries that produce world-class movies, and watch their masterpieces too. I assure you, if you are a fan of movies, foreign movies in particular, you will learn a lot from the following article.

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