7 Countries That Make The Best Music in The World


Here we go again, this article is bound to aggravate few of our readers. But, please understand that our intentions are anything but. We do realize that the preference of music is a personal thing, and we are in no place to judge people on the basis of their musical preferences. This article, like each and every article that we post is based solely on research work and statistical data that our researchers managed to gather. If you do not agree with the list that our researchers have come up with, please refrain from reaching out to your pitchforks and torches. Now that being said, let us focus on the topic at hand. You can probably tell from the title of the article that today we will be talking about music, and we will try to figure out the best of the best when it comes to producing music, and obviously we will not be talking about individual artists, but rather entire countries. And we indeed had to research into the works of the artists that hail from the said countries and devised a process of ranking them.

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