Alcohol has been an integral part of human society from the ancient times. From the very early days, when humans discovered the methods of farming, historical evidence indicate that alcoholic beverages, similar to beer has been prepared and consumed. Thanks to the discovery of the distillation technique, and other innovations in the brewing techniques, today we have a wide variety of alcoholic beverages to choose from. However, wine is perhaps the most favored among all the alcoholic beverages in high societies. It is considered to be the gentleman’s drink. Like cheese, wine has many admirers around the world. Wine is also one of the most expensive among all the alcoholic beverages as well. But as we all know, not every brand out there is equal in quality, thus we came up with the idea of compiling the list of countries that are well known for their range of exquisite wines. Any wine admirer would love to read about the rich heritage of these fine wine producing countries, and a thing or two about the production techniques. If you know your wine, then you ought to know where they come from as well.

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