7 Countries Where You Can Buy Citizenship


When it comes to “citizenship”, you do not just think it is something thing that you can just buy with money. Citizenship is a privilege that only the citizens of a given country enjoy. If you are a citizen of the United States of America, then you have a lot to be very proud of your country, and to cherish your citizenship. However, if for some reason you would want to leave the US and stay in another country, not just as a visitor, but rather a citizen, then you have to consider the possibility of buying a citizenship. The thing is, many countries in the world, offer this opportunity. In fact, the US was one of the pioneers of this system. If you invested a huge sum of money in US business, you could get a permanent residence visa in the US, and then you had the option for pursuing a full citizenship from there on. The same opportunity is available for other countries at the moment. And our researchers have made a comprehensive list of such countries. Whether you are looking for some quality entertainment, or just want to learn about to process, then I am sure you will love the article our researchers came up with.

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