7 Countries with Highest Debt to GDP


The economy is a fascinating subject. For an individual, managing costs is rather simple when compared to a government’s attempt at doing the same for a country. Many first world countries are indebted heavily today, because of the debts that had to be made in order to maintain the living standards of its citizens. The economic crisis that is faced by the world today has taken hold of many countries worldwide, and for many countries combating this adverse economic condition forced them to borrow money despite dwindling GDP figures. So we thought it would be rather interesting to explore this subject so that we can make our readers aware of what is really going on in the many strong economies worldwide. Though to the naked eye only the glittering progress is visible of these given countries, however the stakes are rather high, if these countries ultimately fail to pay off the debt they have accumulated, all that they have achieved over the years, just might crumble overnight. It is not an ideal situation for any country’s economy to be leveraged by debt, but when you go through the article you shall see that some countries have more or even double the amount of debt to their actual GDP.

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