7 Countries with Highest Gold Reserves


Augmenting beauty has always been a major thing for humans, and it is much more profound with women than men. Jewelry is something that women use to look their best at special occasions and events. Along with gemstones, jewelry also features rare earth metals and gold is perhaps the major use of gold is in the jewelry industry. Gold is also used to make some electronic components as well. It is quite an expensive asset to have. Gold also holds historical significance, as it was used in the past as currency and medium of exchange. Another interesting property of gold is that, it is one of the least reactive elements on earth. It use in jewelry or in electronics is not our concern today. We are going to be taking a look at countries with the highest gold reserves today. Yes, even though currency is no longer backed by gold directly, the metal serves an important purpose in stabilizing the global economy. Any many countries have large reserves of gold in order to bring about stability in its currency.

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