7 Countries with Highest Minimum Wage


Even though we denounce the idea of social classes, but the concept still exist in practice in some degree, though not as it used to be in the old feudal era. Researchers have proven that the 80 percent of world wealth is possessed by a mere 20 percent people and vice versa. So, it can be said that most of the world’s population is not that rich, of course they may not be poor either, but in comparison to the top 20 percent, most of the world’s population is just not rich enough. Here, minimum wage comes into play. Basically what minimum wage means is that, the amount of money a person can make every year, but doing the job that pays least amount. Now, if you happen to live in the country that offers very low minimum wage, which means the overall economy of that particular country is not that powerful at all, and likely the living standards is rather low. On the other hand, if you take a look at countries, where the minimum wage is higher, you can expect a better standard of living. So we have decided to make lists of such countries that offer the highest minimum wage, if you stick around for the main article, you can learn quite a lot on this topic.

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