7 Countries with Highest Obesity Rates


Obesity is a real problem for the first world countries. Many surveys have been conducted by experts around the world, and the results are quite terrifying. Being a little overweight is one thing, but obesity is a completely different thing. It not only affects how you show yourself to the community, but also adversely affects your health. Obesity entails a whole host of physical problems. Also socially it is regarded as a trait of a lazy person, and trust me, you do not want that kind of reputation. I have a “friend” who is having much difficulty finding a job, and something tells me that his “big bones” are responsible to some degree. Well, like food allergy, obesity seems to be a problem much prevalent in first world countries, and we must make ourselves aware of this health concern and acknowledge it. Also, rather than poking jokes at an obese person, we should try and help them out in any way possible to get them back to shape. No one is asking for everyone to have six pack abs, but remaining in shape should be at the top of everyone’s to do list.

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