7 Countries with the Highest Welfare Spending


As citizens of a country we have some major responsibilities for our country, and as democracy dictates, the country must in turn provide us with quality of life enhancement programs, healthcare privileges, a safety net of sorts to safeguard its citizens against unforeseeable social and personal tragedies like pension programs. The more a country spends on the well being of its citizens the better. That being said, a country’s government has many other pressing concerns than just promoting a welfare state. No matter how affluent a country is, its income is indeed limited and spending for public welfare is not always an option. Today we will be taking a look at countries that spend comparatively higher in welfare that the rest of the world. These countries need not necessarily be the wealthiest of the world, but these countries certainly provide a lot better quality of life to citizens. Yes in the end it is our hard earned money that they are spending, but if what they are spending it on, affect my quality of life in a better way I would not dare complain. Sadly, with the current economic condition in the west, many countries have decided to cut down on welfare spending to address more pressing concerns.

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