7 Easiest and Fun Drinking Games for Groups


Alcohol consumption is nothing new. In many countries, it is a social norm to drink every now and them. Of course, like everything else, extreme alcoholism is extremely injurious to health. And alcoholism can ruin social and work life. This article has nothing to do with promoting alcoholism, please do not over drink and practice restrain while you are drinking or participating in social activities that involve drinking. Let us focus on the topic at hand. When a group of friends is gathered, you can do a lot of fun things together, and playing drinking games is just one of them. But you do not have to always arrange such events, but every now and then it does not hurt. But the thing is, most drinking games are not fun, and mostly involves measuring the alcohol tolerance of the participants. But the games that we are about to suggest, are very fun indeed. These drinking games add to the drinking experience, and not just act as a lame excuse for getting wasted. If you are going to host a party soon, then you might want to take a look at this list.

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