Today, we have so much to do with our spare time, so many alternative forms of entertainment is available to us. Take video games, for example, thanks to technology, we can now the watch videos, listen to audio and even interact with the environment of a story driven game. But one tiny detail about quality entertainment that have not changed for centuries, is a compelling and engaging story behind it. Yes, a good story alone is entertainment enough. As the scores of great novels written by a brilliant novelists bear witness to this statement. Even today, engaging with the story through the two dimensional planes of a book’s page, can be extremely rewarding and entertaining. Given the book in your hand is a good one. If you are a seasoned reader, or just getting into this awesome hobby, then you are probably aware of Charles John Huffam Dickens or as he is commonly known Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens is highly regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian era. Some of the world’s best known fictional characters are his creations. So, if you are into reading, you must absolutely experience his work first hand. If you are wondering, which novel you should pick up first, then I refer you to the full article.

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