7 Easiest Fighting Games to Get Into


Fighting games have been around since the golden era of video games. However, over time the complexity and level of difficulty have increased may folds. In the earlier days, if you could keep track of just one button and the joystick, you could play a fighting game without any issues. But now the genre has become very difficult to get into. Especially, if you have been away from the genre for quite some time. Not only there are multiple buttons to press on the controller but also combos which requires you to precisely move the joystick and press the buttons simultaneously to execute. Also, memorizing the different move list of characters takes forever. Thankfully, in our list today we will discuss a few fighting games that you will be able to enjoy immensely without investing too much time and effort in them. Do not expect to dominate the competitive leader boards, but you will be able to hold on your own in matches against other players with just a few hours of practice. If you are considering getting back behind the controller of a fighting game again, then I highly recommend that you go through our list first and then decide which game you want to first.

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