Never again. Never again are you going to lose your temper over some stupid manual, bolts and screws. Here are 7 easiest IKEA furnitures to assemble!

You must’ve wondered: why is IKEA furniture so hard to assemble? If you’ve chosen a piece with a lot of parts, the answer becomes obvious the moment you get home. According to one source, the notorious PAX wardrobe is the hardest IKEA furniture to assemble. If you wish to save your sanity and call assembling IKEA furniture service, that will cause stress to your wallet – the starting cost of IKEA assembling service is $89, depending on the cost of the merchandise. The more you pay for the furniture, the higher the assembly cost. Actually, supposedly “easy” assembling of IKEA furniture is so well known that you can find loads of building IKEA furniture memes all over the web. Just type the phrase in the search engine, and you’re bound to have a laugh.

However, all that is about to change if you choose a piece of furniture with the now world-renowned snap together furniture! The items listed by Insider Monkey are all based on this time-saving technology. Also, even though some series were advertised to have it a couple of years ago, they have been stopped in the meantime. Insider Monkey is giving you a list of pieces available worldwide, and at the present moment.By the way, there are over 400 IKEA stores in the world. And God knows how many people losing it over the assembly process.

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