7 Easiest Mixed Drinks to Make with Vodka


Sooooo, are you planning on getting wasted for the weekend? Are you nodding enthusiastically? At least on the inside? Get ready to become a real cocktail master with 7 easiest mixed drinks to make with vodka!

You gotta admit vodka is God’s gift to people. So pure, so tasteless. OK, it has a taste of some kind, but it’s one of the best drinks for cocktails due to its neutral taste. What goes good with vodka to drink? The answer is: pretty much everything! Some classic vodka cocktails include: Bloody Mary, Moscow Mule, White Russian, Black Russian, Cosmopolitan… Have you tried any? The chances are you’ve tasted all of the above. Especially during summer. Come to think about it, you could be called an expert, right?

Why do we like this article? Firstly, you have the recipes for super easy drinks, and for Mojito and Vodka Sunrise, too. Mojito and Vodka Sunrise aren’t that easy according to Insider Monkey, simply becase the ingredients may appear to be complicated to get. When did you last buy mint leaves in a supermarket? Exactly. Is there a grenadine on your fridge shelf? Didn’t think so. As you can see, even though they seem ordinary,and most cocktails need grenadine as their ingredient, the drinks from this list are even more straightforward. Basically, you only need to purchase vodka. A Smirnoff, preferably.The next thing you need is either in the nearest 7-Eleven, or, more probably, inside your fridge.

Last but not the least, these are all considered cocktails, so by the time you finish reading 7 easiest mixed drinks to make with vodka, you can call yourself a cocktail master. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out. Bottoms up!