” I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…” Yes, you can! Just go through Insider Monkey’s list of 7 easiest private and fighter jets to fly!

There are two reasons why you’re here reading this. Either you’ve been fascinated with planes and jets your whole life, or you’re interested in flying because you’re sick and tired of all the airport drama. Waiting in lines, delays, and, unfortunately, safety issues. Not to mention you have to be at the airport much earlier than your flight begins. Sometimes you’ll spend more time waiting on the ground than in the air. Also, it is rather inconvenient when you have to transfer flights. It causes a lot of stress and anxiety since you’re never sure if the plane is going to be on time. All of the above factors contributed to your decision to buy a jet of your own. But whatever you do, don’t fly the worst modern fighter jet. As it appears, it may become the latest “flying coffin”. Which one it is, you’ll see on the site.

Apart from the information on performances of the easiest private and fighter jets, in this article you’ll read about the differences between a private and a fighter jet, whether you can fly a fighter jet if you have the ordinary pilot’s licence, whether you can have some weapons with it, which classic British WWII fighter jets are very popular nowadays, and so on. Of course, there will be videos of their performance, so you can make your decision more easily.

To sum up, if you’re keen on flying your own jet (not a plane), see some of the beauties from the list of 7 easiest private and fighter jets to fly!