7 Most Advanced Countries in Space Technology


The age old question “are we alone?” have not yet been answered, and the quest for finding the right answer to this question with decisive proof to support it, is still going on. The only way to answer this question is by space exploration. If we take a look at some of the developments countries’ budgets, we will surely find that space exploration makes up for a huge chunk in there. An amazing thing about space exploration projects is the byproducts we get from them, for example, if we look at the Apollo missions (the exploration of the moon) conducted by the United States that resulted in significant development in many other fields of science most notably the computer technology. Also, an entire generation was inspired by the achievements and dedicated themselves to the development of science, these are the people who invented the modern technologies we rely upon and take for granted today. Who knows what wonders are out there waiting to be discovered, though there has not been significant development in the field for the past few decades, but scientists all over the world are trying hard to discover the mysteries of the deep space.

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