7 Most And Least Secure Cell Phones in the World


Smartphones are the most common electronic gadget in the world today. From the looks of it, the day when currency becomes completely electronic is not that far away, perhaps we will get to see this transformation in our life time. Even though most everyday transactions are performed in good old paper bills, but many transactions these days are done electronically. Take the online shopping spree for example. Also, the incorporation of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology in smartphones, allows the smartphone to be used as a smart card and make payments. Also, smartphones are very good storage devices, and most users happen to store sensitive data on their smartphones. This makes this device extremely susceptible to attacks from hackers. If a hacker manages to successfully hack you smartphone, he can not only hurt you financially, but can also devastate your social life with ease. So, keeping your smartphone safe from such vulnerability is a must. Now, there are many approaches to making a smartphone safe, and some smartphones come with heavy duty safety features, such as biometric security. But those kinds of devices cost a little bit more than a regular smartphone.

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