7 Most Educated Ethnic Groups in America


The idea of a nation of singular ethnicity is long behind us. Any given nation today is home to several ethnicities. That can be even more apparent in developed countries like the United States, and first world European countries. But today we will only talk about the ethnic groups in the United States. But first let us talk a little bit about the definition of ethnicity. We are all aware of race, since racism has been such a terrible issue over the years. Race is the biological features a person is born with. For example the color of skin or facial features. On the other hand, ethnicity has more to do with ancestry. Of course, the main article reflects more on the subject, but since this is a short intro, I will leave it at that. Now then, you can clearly comprehend that there are way more ethnic groups in the US than there are races. It is very important to learn about the ethnicity of people in order to socialize with them. If you find the topic interesting, I highly recommend that you go through the main article to learn more.

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