There is hardly any nation left in the world, which is pure in its ethnicity. In this modern age of multi-cultural nations, people from many different parts of the world have come together. And the United States is no exception. From the early twentieth century, people of many nations from across the world started to migrate to the United States in search of economic independence and freedom. The economic strength and the United States image as the embodiment of freedom has attracted people from every part of the globe. And today United States have become the model of a nation of highly ethnically diverse people. Many believe that the great economic and technological success that America enjoys today can be attributed to its openness to fresh ideas, perspectives and skills of its huge immigrant population. This trend continues to this day, as more and more immigrants searching for their share of luck enters The United States. There are many cities in America where a multitude of ethnically diverse people live together in perfect harmony as a testament to the founding beliefs of America.

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