7 Most Expensive Boarding Schools in New York City


The education system in the United States well reputed all over the globe. The United States is home to some of the best universities of the world, such as Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and Williams. These educational institutions have produced countless scholars and leaders. Any student would take pride in the opportunity of being a part of such an institution. However, the school comes first, and we all can agree that without a good school how hard it becomes to move up in life. After family, school is the place where we learn the basics of life.

Boarding schools are the perfect place for learning to be independent, self efficient and team work. Skills that are not only useful, but rather essential for moving ahead in life. Also, this environment, requires students to be more attentive to regular lessons as well. It is hard to let go of a child even it is for his/her good, but the list that follows contains some of the best boarding schools in New York city. If you can afford to send your children off to one of these schools you can rest assured that they are going to receive the best possible education and other facilities money can buy.

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