7 Most Expensive Cities in the World


Ever since the industrial revolution rocked the world, city life has taken the center stage. In today’s world most of the civilized word’s population dwells in the cities all across the globe. Of course the villages have not lost their spot in this world, those who prefer the tranquil and simplistic life can have their way in the countless villages. However, as things are, cities have become the center for everything, politics, science, arts, education, the economy pretty much everything is city based nowadays. Well, where that much activity is going on at a constant rate problems are sure to stir up, compared to villages, modern cities are plagued with heaps of problems of its own, in spite of all the facilities city dwellers enjoy, problems like high violence rate, organized crime, human rights abuse, and a never ending and always skyrocketing price index. Even if a city dweller manages to evade all other troubles of the city, he/she is never safe from the price hike. The cost of living, things like accommodation, commute, and utility expenses are way up there when it comes to cities, and everyone has to pay the bills. The much higher cost of living is a major issue the city dwellers have to face and live with.

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