7 Most Expensive Hats in the World


It is safe to say that of all fashion accessories, hats are the most versatile, fashionable and yet functional. Hats range from very comfortable knitted fleece to the most practical, hard hats to the sheer swag of fedoras. This makes the hats as fashionable as they are pragmatic. Other than its appeal as a fashion accessory hats have a place in various religions as a ceremonial objects and it is also popularized by the military and several other public and private organizations. In recorded human history hats have always been present, the first know instance of hats can be traced back to Mohenjo-daro and Harappa in ancient India. There we can see small terracotta figurines wearing hat-like head gears which date back from between 3500 and 5700 years ago. Though these head gears from the bygone era hardly resemble the modern concept of a hat, but they are hats none the less.

It must be mentioned here that hat have suffered a considerable drop in popularity in the recent years, but they are still as fashionable and relevant as they always have been. A well made and appropriate hat can add an extra layer of charisma to any outfit. Unsurprisingly, many still fancy a beautiful hat to go with their outfit in important events.

If you are willing to get hold of a beautiful hat, then please click the link to insider monkey’s blog post that lists 7 Most Expensive Hats in the World. Yes, you can purchase hats that costs much less but these hats have a heritage to it which the cheap counter parts won’t be able to offer.