7 Most Expensive Pencils In the World


To a kid, the pencil is the primary medium for practicing his writing. As it allows for prompt correction of any errors made, without creating enough mess. Also, it is quite fun to use. I am not implying that adults do not use pencils, in fact, there are some jobs, where you must use a pencil to get the job done properly. For example, look at carpentry. However, the pencils that we are going to talk about today are definitely meant for kids. You would be amazed to know how expensive these pencils are. Come to think of it, a regular pencil is one of the least expensive supply for an office, is it not? In fact, whenever we think of expensive writing implements, the fountain pen comes to mind. However, you will learn some eye opening facts about expensive pencils as you go through our full article. Yes, the pencils that are included in our list are primarily made as a collectible rather than a writing implement, but they are none the less functional and could be used as such if need be. However, I am sure the owners would be more interested in using them as mantle pieces than do writing with them.

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