7 Most Expensive Places to Visit in Uruguay


Eastern Republic of Uruguay or more commonly known as only Uruguay is South American country locate in the southeastern region. Uruguay can be a great holiday destination because, Uruguay ranks first in democracy, peace, lack of corruption and quality of life among all the Latin American countries. But Uruguay has always been a little overlooked due to its close proximity to Argentina and Brazil. I am not suggesting that Uruguay is a hidden gem, but it most certainly has all the assets entertain the tourists.

Uruguayan cities are chock full of gentrified Art Deco buildings and elegant colonial churches which make great destinations for fans of traditional architecture. Also, if you happen to love beef, Uruguayan cuisine has a lot to offer. Though Argentina is known for its steaks, but Uruguay consumes to most beef. If you are into soccer, or perhaps don’t mind enjoying an occasional game, then Uruguay can be a treat for you too. The nation is totally obsessed with soccer like its neighbors Argentina and Brazil. Travelling cost wise a trip to Urugaya will cost you roughly 20% more than a trip to Argentina but it is still less than visiting Brazil.

If you are planning to go on a holiday, then I recommend that you click on the link below to learn about the 7 Most Expensive Places to Visit in Uruguay. If you decide to go to Uruguay then why not go full throttle.