7 Most Expensive Private Schools in Manhattan


Public schools are great for the money, but there are some perks that you can only enjoy when you are in a private school. For example, free cool gadgets to play with, farm-to-table catered meals, opportunity to go abroad for higher education. But all that comes at a hefty price tag. Private schools are quite expensive in comparison to public schools. But we have to think of it as an investment plan. Education is the key to achieving success in life. And as with any business venture, the initial investments do tend to correspond to the end gains. We have to approach this as if it were an investment plan. The famous private schools cost top dollar, as we can imagine. They usually have famous alumni as well. It can be a life changing experience. And with the associated price tag, we can expect world class education and other facilities from the institution as well.

These exclusive private schools are considered as elite institutions the experience they education they provide for their students are essential to stay ahead in this highly competitive world. Manhattan is one of the most expensive cities to live in already, and the private schools here charge a fortune.

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