A wedding is perhaps the most important social event of our life. A wedding is much more complex than it seems to the naked eye. After the decision has been made, both the parties try to make the wedding as memorable as possible. And there are a thousand things that must all match up to achieve the desired results. All in all a wedding is no easy task. Also to go on with a socially viable wedding you need to spend quite a bit of money actually. If we take an average wedding, it costs around a few thousand dollars, to be more specific, an average wedding will cost you around 30 thousand. For couples who wish to add something more to their wedding will have to spend a few thousands more. Because this day will come only once (hopefully) in their lives.

Enough with the average wedding, lets venture into to the world of the rich of the richest. They basically turn their wedding into a “fairy tale wedding” yes this was actually a term used to describe the most expensive wedding of all time. The wedding cost an estimated 110 million US dollars. However, money cannot by everything, the most important aspect of a wedding the unification of two souls in love can not be valued in terms of money.

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