Music is all about expressing your emotions and feelings. No wonder there are so many mainstream genres of music, since everyone is different, so it makes sense that they would pursue different means of expressing themselves. If you like rap music, or just music in general, then the article we have for you will definitely be of use to you. Did you know that more than a century before rap music made it big in the United States, West African musicians were singing and telling stories with the beat of merely a drum. Also, singers from the Caribbean practiced rap around that time frame. Rap first gained popularity in the US around the 1970s. At first rap developed as a form of street art among African American teen age group, as this type of music was actually invented by their ancestors. But soon enough rap gained mainstream popularity and it has become one of the most popular music genres in the world, let alone the US. I highly recommend our today’s main article if you are interested in learning about most successful rappers and the genre as a whole.

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