7 Poorest Cities in California


If you happen to be a resident of California, then you have a lot of things to be proud about your state. Take the 840 miles of coastlines for example, or even the amazing weather that Californians enjoy almost all year round. This article is very important if you are proud of your state, because our today’s article will definitely draw some much needed attention towards some issues regarding Californian cities. Though the article might rub some people off the wrong way, our intentions are merely to raise awareness. One does not expect to hear the word poor next to the name of any American city, but the reality is, there are a few cities that are in much financial trouble, and could use some help. As you can probably imagine how sensitive this issue actually is, our researchers have done a great job singling out the cities that made into the list. As always, you can learn all about our ranking methodology and sources as you read through the full article, and I am sure you will agree with our list as well. If you find the name of your city in the list, do not start packing your bags right away, because things will change very soon God willing.

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