7 Poorest Countries in Asia by 2015 GDP


Asia is the largest continent of the world. Asia countries are well known throughout the world for their diverse and exotic cultures. Asia is home to some of the world’s most visited tourist spots as well. The history of Asia is very rich and fascinating, that attracts many researches, archeologists and thrill seekers from all four corners of the globe. But today we are not here to discuss what makes Asia great, but rather the opposite, today we will be taking a look at some of the poorest countries in Asia. Despite all its resources Asia is one of the most poor if not the poorest continent in the world. Both natural and human resources are available in abundance in Asia, in fact, most of the world’s entire population resides in Asia, but due to mismanagement and overwhelming corruption, Asia as a continent is far off from its potential. Though, some of the emerging economies do belong to Asia, but the rest of the continent is pretty much in despair. We have taken GDP or gross domestic product as a baseline for determining the level of poverty in an Asian country and have come up with the list.

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