7 Poorest Countries in the World by 2015 GDP


Poverty is a curse that we have been trying to eliminate for generations. But still its prevalence around the world is shocking. The inequality among nations is very disturbing indeed, if we take the time to look at the world, we will see that obesity and hunger exist at the same time. Where some nations are blessed with opulence and excess and people in other nations are living off scraps. The leaders of the world must unite if we are to eradicate poverty from this world. Today we will be taking a look at poorest nations of the world. There are many measures that can be used to determine how poor a nation is, however the most prominent measure used by the economist worldwide is GDP per capita or gross domestic product per capita. It is calculated by taking the total output of a country and then dividing it by the prevalent population. Then we get the gross domestic product per capita. Depending on the number that we get, we can determine whether the country is poor or not. You will be surprised to know that there are countries that have even less a thousand dollars GDP per capita. And that is extreme poverty.

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