7 Poorest Countries in the World by GDP Per Capita


Poverty is a curse that humankind has been baring for way too long. Despite all the efforts made my countless individuals and organizations, poverty is still a prevalent problem even in the modern world. Given that Europe and most of the western world is in a much better position compared to the rest of the world, but turning a blind eye towards those countries that are not so lucky would not take us any further, that we already have come. To advance further as  human race, every country must be freed from the rampant tyrant called poverty. Today we will be talking about some of the worst poverty ridden countries in the world. Economists have developed several tools for gauging a country’s economic state, in accordance with the most popular method we have chosen the GDP per capita or gross domestic product per capita. To get a country’s GDP per capita, first the total output of the given country has to be calculated and then it has to be divided by the total population, and then we will get the GDP per capita of that country. The lower the number, to poorer the country is.

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