If you like watching videos, then YouTube is obviously the place for you to spend your spare time on. There are millions of channels, and practically enough videos that could not be watched by someone in his/her entire lifetime. However, every person is unique, and his/her interests are different to say the least. Someone just does not go to YouTube to watch any video that might pop up, instead, YouTube recognizes the different tastes and interests of different people and makes it easy for its users to see what they are interested about. Today, we will talk about a few channels that primarily focus on Christianity. If you are a religious person, then these channels are going to be extremely helpful for you. Whether you are a practicing or non-practicing one, if you want to learn about Christianity and all its aspects, these channels will help you to achieve your goal. If you are an atheist, then you just might find these channels interesting as well. As these channels try to explore the ideas of theology from the perspective of Christianity, the videos they make are quite remarkable from an unbiased perspective as well.

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