Video games have become a staple when it comes to personal entertainment. Naturally, the industry has grown many folds. Back in the day, we needed a gaming console to play games, but now it is no longer a necessity, our smartphones are able to handle video games with high graphical fidelity. As you can see from the title, we will be talking about some rare video games. In a sense these games have acquired “antique value” as finding these games in the market is difficult. The price tag of these video games do not necessarily come from the development cost of these games, they are rather expensive because of their rarity. Many people, who grew up with old-school games nowadays like to collect these rare games. If you happen to be a collector, then you already know what I am talking about here. In recent years, most games do not even have a physical copy, they are available as a form of digital download. But, things were not the same in the past, as the internet was at its infancy and not many people had access to it. Therefore, games came in some sort of cartridge or disc. We are talking about those games that were not produced in high quantities in the first place.

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