7 Richest Countries in Central and South America by 2015 GDP


We are all aware of the economic uncertainty and ever rising unemployment levels, which continue to plague the continent of Europe and much of the western world. Many economists are speculating about the future economic superpower of the world. And China is looking like a very suitable candidate. However, we must not forget about other countries of the world. For example, countries from the Central and South America are showing every sign of an emerging superpower. It is true that the countries belonging to this particular geographic region suffered from war, poverty, and unstable political conditions throughout the twentieth century, but the dawn of the new century revealed these countries to be in a much promising condition. Equipped with vast natural resources, a young population and strong leadership, these countries have managed to build a rather strong economy for themselves, and which is gradually gaining strength through multinational investments. Drug trafficking is still a real problem in these parts of the world, but finally things are changing for the better. We have taken a look at some of these countries economic condition via GDP per capita or gross domestic product per capita, and are excited to share our findings with you.

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