I cannot honestly remember when was the last time I spent an entire day without using my computer. Even when I am sick, and have difficulty using my desktop, I would pick up my smartphone, and get things done from bed. I am quite sure, this is the case for the most of us. We have become somewhat dependent on these wonder gadgets. I am not going to advocate on behalf or against this situation. I am mere stating the facts here. Let us go back to a time, when windows (the operating system) did not exist. And we had to rely on crude but effective, command line based operating systems, and back in the day computers were very fast to boot and run. However, though they were fast, they could never do even the most basic of functions that today’s computers can do. As windows were introduced, a graphics based operating system, which basically revolutionized how we operate computers, computers became much slower to boot and get ready for operation. Even to this day, this is an issue, unless you are running a SSD for a hard drive, your machine can never beat the boot time of a much older machine. If you wish to make your computer run a bit faster, then we have the right article for you.

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