7 Smartphones with Best Antenna Reception: 2016 Models


When was the last time you saw a phone with a visible antenna? I bet you will not be able to remember. Yes, external antenna on phones have gone extinct a long time ago. However, that does not mean that modern smartphones no longer need or have antennas. Of course every smartphone, you come across do have an antenna, but these antennas are hidden within the frame itself. You are only able to connect and communicate with people because your smartphones antenna is picking up the signals for you. Let’s imagine a scenario, when you are trying to make a call far away, nowadays service providers have established quite powerful coverage, and it is highly unlikely that you will ever be able to go off the grid, but for arguments sake, just imagine that you are at the very edge of your service providers coverage, and you want to make a call. Now the strength of your smartphone’s antenna comes to play. If you are in the market looking to buy a new smartphone, you might want to consider the signal strength of your potential purchase. Well, to be honest, for most people this is not going to be a deal breaker, but it does not hurt to get a smartphone with strong antenna.

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