7 Smartphones With The Longest Talk Time


Back in the day, I mean before the smartphone era, one major selling point for mobile phones were its talk time. The norm was, how long you could stay connected on the go, on a single charge to your cell phone’s battery. However, as soon as the smartphones coronation, all that changed. Long battery life, which translates into long talk times became the thing of the past, because smartphone designers were just unable to fit a big enough battery to their device with its complex design and features. Even to this day, many smartphones suffer the problem of having a low battery life. As new and powerful processors and circuitry are being installed inside the smartphones, their power consumption is really going skyward, and to keep up with that battery technology must keep up with the ever power hungry new smartphones, also the shape and size of the phones itself pose a great challenge. If you do a survey by yourself and ask the people you know who have smartphones, you will surely find most of them are not satisfied with their phone’s battery life. This somewhat debilitates the core concept behind handheld devices, which is being ubiquitous while on the go.

However, the good news is, many smartphone manufacturers are now focusing on producing smartphones, which boasts a long talk time or battery life as selling points. At insider monkey’s blog we have come up with a list of 7 Smartphones With The Longest Talk Time. Just click on the link to access the full article.