I would like to start by talking a bit about threat and opportunity. While I was in business school, I discovered that threat and the opportunity are basically two sides of the same coin. At least in terms of business that is. If a situation arises, and your organization is not prepared to adapt or take advantage of that situation, then it is going to be a threat for your organization. On the flip side, if your organization is prepared and adaptable to the change, and is able to take advantage of the given situation then the same situation becomes an opportunity for you. Its all about being prepared to face the changes. Now asset management companies did things the traditional way, the apps that are coming to the market are integrating a lot of things into one simple dashboard that can easily be monitored. It all comes down to each asset management company and their preparedness. Something of this sort was going to happen, it was known by pretty much everyone in the market. However, if the said companies made necessary changes to adapt to the new situations, only then it will be considered an opportunity, otherwise it is a threat.

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