Start Wars is a franchise that needs no introduction. It has conquered multiple generations, and hopefully a few generations to come will also enjoy this epic saga as well. The lore of Star Wars has always been the key point in the franchise, unlike most modern science fiction films, the emphasis has not been on special effects but rather the story telling. But the thing is, within the confines of the movies covering the entirety of the Star Wars universe was just not possible, thus many aspects of it had been left untold. For many years I was in dilemma of not knowing enough about the Sith, since the movie pretty much revolves around the Adventures of the Jedi, it has plenty of information about the Jedi, but it contains much less lore about the Sith. If you are someone like me who would like to acquire more in depth knowledge about the Sith order and their history, then you are in luck, because to bridge the gap, many books have been written. And the story of the Sith has finally been told.

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