8 Best Tasting Glass Bottled Water Brands in America


Okay, before we even begin, I must admit that there is a controversy regarding bottle water brands. The controversy goes that humans have lived happy and long without drinking bottled water for millennia. Of course, it is absolutely essential to drink clean and safe water, but do we really need all the additional stuff that the bottle water brands put in their products? They just mix a lot of additional stuff with the water and charge a premium for it, what is wrong with just clean and sterile water? Now since that’s out of the way, let’s talk about taste. Well, taste is a highly subjective matter to talk about, and when it’s about water things get pretty difficult to say the least. Water should not taste of anything, if it does then there’s something going on with it. It is not necessarily a bad thing of course. So if you are picky about the your brand of bottle water, then you should take a look at this article. It is well written and really well researched. If you have a few minutes to spare and want to read something fun and informative, then I highly recommend this article to you.

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