8 Countries that Produce the Most Alcohol in the World


Alcohol is perhaps the most consumed liquid in the civilized world after water. Well, in most first world countries, alcohol plays a vital role in one’s social life. At least after a certain age, it is expected of an individual to participate in celebratory drinking. Beside celebrations, alcohol is also a good drink in social gatherings and parties. Though it must be said that over consumption of alcohol is often discouraged, and this is only a problem with new drinkers, most matured people refrain from alcoholism, as it is injurious to health and also financially damaging. Let us get back to the topic at hand, today we will be talking about the countries that produce the most amount of alcohol in the world. And that incorporates all sorts of alcoholic beverages from beer to whisky. If you know your drinks, then you can probably guess a few countries that are on the list already, but I am certain that you will not be able to guess all of them for sure. Our researchers have done meticulous research regarding this topic and have finally put together the most comprehensive list of such sort.

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