8 Countries that Produce the Most Apples in the World


Today we are going talk about apples, nope, not the Apple Inc. but the actual fruit. Regardless where you live, whenever you find apples in your dining table, the chances are that they have probably come from the countries that made our today’s list. Yes, as you can guess from the title, we have come up with a list of countries that produce the most apples. Apples have been harvested for from the ancient times. They are not just great to eat, but also are very healthy and full of nutrients. As the saying goes, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. So, if you are into apples as of yet, it is not too late to reconsider your diet. They are relatively cheap, and are available almost everywhere on Earth. On the other hand, if you like eating your apples, then you are going to love reading about the countries that produce them in huge quantities. Apple orchards are a major contributing factor in these country’s economy. Also, you will learn a thing or two about the fruit itself, while you go through the full article.

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