8 Countries that Produce the Most Books in the World


From where we stand, it is quite hard to imagine a world where the only medium of preserving knowledge was books. But unfortunately, not only books but the entirety of print media is inching towards certain doom. Perhaps, there is merit in turning away from books and other print media, but the feeling that you get from opening a new book for the first time, and the smell of its untarnished pages cannot be expressed in words. It is saddening that the future generations will never experience this. Enough with the sad stuff, let us get on with our today’s article. It is true, that eventually print media will collapse someday, but the day has not come yet. And we still have a lot of dedicated publishers throughout the world who are relentlessly working to extend the medium’s lifespan and publishing great books every day. And naturally, some countries are way ahead of others when it comes to producing books. Today, we will try to explore those countries, and their drive behind producing books an art that has its roots in antiquity. If you are looking for some quality infotainment, you are going to get it here.

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