8 Countries that Produce the Most Butter in the World


Dairy products make up a good amount of our daily diet. If you happen to be a fitness freak, you might try to avoid dairy products, but for the rest of the population, we just cannot begin a day without butter and bread. Did you know that butter was first made from the milk of goat and/or sheep? Well, as it turns out, we domesticated sheep and goat well over a thousand years before we actually managed to domesticate cattle. Another interesting trivia about butter is that in some parts of the world, like in Africa and Western Asia, butter is still made using an ancient technique which involves a sheepskin half full with milk and hanging it by a tripod made using sticks. Well, that being said, you can imagine butter is a commodity in high demand today. I mean, as everyone nowadays lives, such an active life with little time to spare, you must start your day with a full nutritious meal and a breakfast is not the same without butter. Today, we will be taking a look at some countries that are leading the world in butter production.

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