8 Countries that Produce the Most Carbon Dioxide in the World


We need energy to survive, and as of now we are pretty much dependent on fossil fuel for generating energy. Well, some countries do have access to nuclear power, but that only amounts to a tiny fraction of the energy requirement of the entire world. The main problem with burning fossil fuel to get energy is that it produces a huge amount of heat-trapping or greenhouse gases. And carbon dioxide is one of those gases. This massive amount of carbon emission is gradually destroying the Earth’s atmosphere, and if necessary steps are not taken soon enough, the world will be plunged into a global catastrophe. That being said, today we will talk about the top carbon dioxide emitting countries of the world as of now. However, we are not going to merely point fingers at those countries, we are doing this article only for the purposes of raising awareness. No matter which country we may belong to, planet Earth is our home. And we cannot just pack up and leave if something goes wrong. With a combined effort from each and every one of us, I believe we will be able to solve any problem concerning Earth.

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