8 Countries that Produce The Most Coal in The World


We need energy to sustain and live our lives, there can be no doubt about it. And as things are right now, in most cases we are totally dependent on fossil fuel to produce this much needed energy. While it is true that in modern times, coal is no longer the primary source of energy for us. Rather, this role has been taken up by oil in recent times. But, we cannot deny how important coal was during the industrial revolution. I mean, industrial revolution could take place only after the invention of the steam engine and to run a steam engine, we needed coal, lots and lots of it. Even today, in some countries, coal is used to produce electricity because of how cheap coal is compared to oil. Also, there are still high coal reserves of coal present in the world, and some even speculate that the amount of coal is much greater than the amount of crude oil in nature. That being said, it is only natural that we would come up with ideas on how to use coal in this modern era, it is only human ingenuity.

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